Explore this site to learn more about plant ecology research in the laboratory of Dr. Emily Mooney at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Our lab examines the impacts of global change on herbivory and insect abundance in wild plant populations. We use techniques from population biology, chemical ecology, and physiological ecology to understand why we have a green world. 

Current Projects

We study butterflies, moths, and aphids plus the plants they rely on. Our research takes place in a variety of plant-insect systems from the Front Range to the Western Slope of Colorado. Click the link above to learn more about active projects.

Opportunities for Undergraduates

If you are looking to gain hands-on research experience in plant ecology click on the link above. Students can earn upper-division credit in biology at UCCS through participation in research.

Photo by James Den Uyl

Opportunities for Graduate Students

The biology department at UCCS offers a research-focused masters degree in Ecology and Evolution. Start on the link above if you are interested in joining the team to complete graduate work at UCCS.


List of publications with links to full-text versions from the UCCS Plant Ecology Laboratory.